Video Impact

Video Impact is a 2 phase project on media as a tool promotion of social initiatives and local non-profit organizations, delivered by our partner Dorea Educational Institute and financially supported by the European  Union under the program Erasmus+ for youth. The first part of the project is a Training Course that will take place in Yermasoyia Limassol in Cyprus, between 9th – 18th of September 2019. And the second part is going to take place back at the local communities of the participants. 

Heimat, together with other international organisations is going to be a partner of this project for its whole duration. 

Aims & Objectives: 

“Vidoe Impact” is aiming at offering knowledge on how to build a social promotional video for a non-profit organization and / or initiative with cheap equipment and experiment on it by making a videos for a non-profit initiative in Cyprus.

Objectives of the project are: 

  • Get acquainted with media literacy 
  • Receive practical skills in filmmaking and namely how to create Social Promotion videos in all stages (pre-production, production post-production)
  • Explore ways to make it cheap through guerilla filmmaking tips
  • Enhance teamwork skills under time pressure
  • Create a promotional video for a Cyprus based Not for profit initiative
  • Put in action the gained knowledge and tools in local organizations by creating a promotional video.
  • Disseminate the knowledge acting as multiplier and share the skills acquired during the Training Course by delivering media literacy workshops for youth in your organizations during the Local Action Phase.

Participants of this project are going to be youth workers, staff of non-profit initiatives, committed to create social change through media tools. 

Presentation of Dorea Educational Institute

DOREA is an educational organisation established in 2012 offering high quality non-formal education and training to young people as well as adults, covering the three main areas of non-formal education i.e. socio-cultural education, education for personal development and professional training.

DOREA is an active organisation in providing much needed management consulting services to young people and youth organisations. It aspires into creating a difference for the future by placing its emphasis on the human potential and empowering young people to find their own voice and tap into their own giftedness.


Videos made during the project

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