Structures of activism

Structures of Activism was a Training Course in the area of youth participation and leadership for social change, delivered by our partners International Young Nature Friends (IYNF) and financially supported by the European  Union under the program Erasmus+ for youth and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The training took place in Penestine, France between 23rd -29th of June 2019 and it was the second part of a cycle of activities related to youth participation and activation. As an international organization, Heimat supported the Training Course as a sending organization. 

Aims & Objectives

Structures of Activism build the skills related to the creation, implementation and realization of projects. The activity focused on the fields of project management, finances and fundraising, communication and leadership skills. The objectives of the Training Course were: 

  • Gain knowledge and skills in the fields of project management, financial management and promotion! 
  • Learn about online tools, leadership, working in groups, time management and communication! 
  • Develop initiatives for promoting a more participatory culture from the local to the European level, which will be implemented throughout the educational cycle.
  • Have a project realized by receiving a grant and guidance. 

Participants at this training were young youth workers, young leaders, trainers and volunteers, who were (willing to become) active in youth participation and interested in developing initiatives in their communities. This training course offered basic theoretical background and deep practical experience to its participants regarding project management and implementation of leadership projects. The majority of the project ideas of the participants of the Training Course were financially supported by a structural grand from IYNF and all of them were offered guidance as to how to implement and realize their project ideas.  

Presentation of International Young Nature Friends (IYNF)

International Young Nature Friends (IYNF) is the youth department of an the International Nature Friends organization. The organization was established in 1975 and currently has 16 member and 12 partner organisations. With more than 120.000 young members organised in over a thousand local groups, it is one of the major European youth organisations.

IYNF combines three roles and identities:

  1. IYNF is a network of groups and organisations which cooperate together. The core role of IYNF is to facilitate this cooperation by creating links, organising meeting, providing direct support and promoting nature-friendly activities all over Europe.
  2. IYNF is a training and exchange organisation providing capacity building and networking activities as well as value-driven youth exchanges for the benefit of its members. We do so in our core fields of outdoor programming, amateur art and environmental education. Our methods are based on experiential and intercultural education.
  3. IYNF is a value-based organisation representing its members at the European level. By our delegations, publications and promotion activities we carry our values of IYNF to European political stakeholder: respect, equality, solidarity, sustainability and love and care for nature.

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