Stand up 4 their rights

Stand Up 4 Their Rights was a Training Course in the area of non-formal education, delivered by Heimat Foundation and financially supported by the European Union under the program Erasmus+ for youth. The training took place in Ommen, the Netherlands between 8 th -13 th of February 2019.
As an international project, the Training Course was supported by it’s international partners:
Solidarity Mission – Greece
Perspectiva – Latvia
Zofijni Ilubimci – Slovenia
Reencontro – Portugal
Edu Compass – Bulgaria

Participants at this training were young youth- & social workers, trainers, volunteers at youth or refugee organizations, theater makers and practitioners and young people interested in working  with the newcomers (refugees & migrants) in their local realities and who would like to use interactive theater as a tool. The training offered the basic information about the most common interactive theater methods and opened the space for its participants to find out ways on how to use it in their own work
and/or life.

Aims and objectives:
1. To offer knowledge about the refugee crisis, the immigration movements and the issues these
people are facing in the countries of origin of the participants.
2. To allow the participants to get familiar with the European strategies and practices on the
refugee and migration crisis
3. To provide the participants with non-formal educational tools and methods to stimulate
intercultural dialogue & promote human rights and equality.
4. To create educational materials, showcasing the learning points of the training.

As a result of this training came out the “Stand Up 4 Their Rights – A paper training”, which is an educational booklet based on the learnings offered and the methods used during the training Stand Up 4 Their Rights. The aim of the booklet is to offer basic information regarding interactive theater methods as a tool for constructive inclusion of young newcomers (migrants and refugees) and to inspire its readers to use theater as a tool for social change. This booklet is serving as a teaser of what was offered during this training.

– Theoretical background
– Practical tools and methods
– Participants workshops
– And a sense of the training’s spirit

The project was funded by the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union, under the KA101 Youth, Mobility of Youth Workers section and more specifically under the support of the Dutch National Agency, NJI (Nederlandse Jeugd Instituut).

Thanks to our participants and special Uros Frelih who created this amazing video!! 

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