No Box

No Box is a 4 phases project on personal development elements through outdoor activities, delivered by our partner Hopeland and financially supported by the European  Union under the program Erasmus+ for youth. The project consists out of 4 parts: The first activity is going to happen online in September 2019 and it consists of online preparation activities. The second part is going to be a Training Course that will take place in Argos in Greece between 1st-9th of October 2019. The third and the forth parts are going to take place back at the local communities of the participants, where they will promote their learning and create their own learning materials. 

Heimat, together with other international organizations is going to be a partner of this project for its whole duration. 

Aims & Objectives: 

“No Box” is aiming at offering knowledge and practical tools to youth workers, trainers and educators on how to work with youngsters through outdoor activities. 

Objectives of the project are: 

  • Personal & professional development
  • Experience the outdoor life 
  • Get involved in outdoor activities
  • Learn and practice outdoor activities as a tool to work with youngsters
  • Create and deliver own outdoor activities
  • Form a sustainable community
  • Get challenged to grow and take the next step as an outdoor trainer
  • Practice the skills and knowledge gained back home
  • Create educational materials to share the “No Box” knowledge

Participants of this project are going to be youth workers, trainers and educators who actively work with young  people and groups on a regular basis & are interested in (re)discovering outdoors as a tool for growth and learning.

Presentation of Hopeland

Hopeland-Elpidohori is a venture that aims at creating and supporting activities for parents children and youth regarding the Environment, Tradition, Culture and Personal Development, while also promoting sustainability in all levels. It aims at setting an example of self-sufficiency.


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