Make it happen

Make it Happen was a Youth Exchange with the mission to combat youth unemployment promoting the entrepreneurship as a path of creativity, a solution of unemployment in Europe, and a path for self-fulfillment.
Delivered by Heimat Foundation and financially supported by the European  Union under the program Erasmus+ for youth. The project took place in Ommen, the Netherlands between 13th -24th of March 2019. As an international project, the Training Course was supported by its international partners:

Solidarity Mission – Greece
Rota Jovem – Portugal
Smokinya – Bulgaria
Vagamonto – Italy 
Colectivo Gentes– Spain
Re-creativity – Hungary

 The objectives of the project were: 

  • To bring 35 young people together and to allow them to work on entrepreneurship as a tool to combat youth unemployment. 
  • To increase their key competences during the Youth Exchange.
  • To create an online campaign on social media platforms about initiative and entrepreneurship in youth during the youth exchange of the project and after. 
  • To promote the active citizenship and social inclusion for all young people.
 The project was funded by the European Union, through the program Erasmus+ and the National Agency of the Netherlands, NJI. 


“Some people want it to happen,
some wish it would happen,
others make it happen.”

Michael Jordan

Participants Testimonials

Make it happen in numbers

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