Elevate YOUth work

Elevate YOUth work aims to increase the quality of youth work and European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects, by equipping with new methods and approaches the people who work or want to start working with young volunteers in their activities.

With this project we want to address and train on competencies that are related to creating and sustaining safer spaces, inclusiveness and support systems for young volunteers who are LGBTQIA+ and take part in long or short-term ESC volunteering.

Throughout the entire training program and its phases, participants and involved organizations will have the chance to upgrade their capacity and youth work – personal and professional development and learn how they can better support and contribute to the inclusion and growth of their LGBTQIA+ youth during their volunteering experience and outside of it.

Methods & Tools:
Through experiential learning, we will be working and exploring different methods and approaches:

  • Learning & Practicing Coaching tools and techniques and personal development tools, that are also more fitting while working with LGBT+ youth; How to use embodied coaching, and a systemic approach;

  • How to create safe spaces and be able to address issues that rise during the volunteering programs; How to address mental health issues and coming out process;

  • How to use inclusive language – including pronouns, preferred name, how to address possible challenges, tips & tricks on how to integrate inclusive language in the culture of the group/organizations;

  • How to address LGBTQIA+ issues, and terminology about gender, sexuality; How to talk about these with an LGBTQIA+ person and others;

  • Real life examples and impact that inclusive youth work and mentoring has brought to youngsters and youth workers through living library;

  • Sharing of good practices within volunteering long-term and short-term projects; Sharing of good practices, methods and tools within the LGBTQIA+ community;

  • Support groups for peer consultations and reflection throughout the whole project;

Practical Framework:

  • Preparation phase with Preparatory meetings (in national teams & 1 group all together, online & offline)
  • Training Course [7 days]
  • Local Action Phase, with activities in each partner country (max 3, combination of online & offline events)
  • Capacity Building Meeting (measurement of results & Conference)
  • Closure of the project (final report & final evaluation)
  • On-going Promotion, Dissemination & Visibility of the project.