Con- tactic

Con-Tactic was a Networking Meeting for theater makers and social workers, delivered by our partner INCA Catalunya and financially supported by the European  Union under the program Erasmus+ for youth. The Networking Meeting took place in Barcelona, Spain between 1st and 5th of October 2018. Heimat, as an international organization supported the meeting as a sending organization. 

AIMS & objectives: 

This meeting was aiming at building up a brand new network of professionals, organizations and institutions that work at local and international levels with theater as a tool for social change. The meeting promoted entrepreneurship opportunities for the beneficiaries of the project  through the creation of new opportunities and professional collaborations.

The objectives of the training were: 

  • to create an opportunity to find good and reliable partners to make projects with
  • to develop a long-term  programme with multiplying effects

At the Networking Meeting participated:

Culture managers, culture professionals, fundraisers,  youth workers, youth leaders

Presentation of INCA Catalunya

INCA Catalunya is an independent and assembly-run organization of professionals, each one specialized in an artistic field and with practical and extensive experience as trainer. The organization is primarily aimed at young adults and communities at risk of exclusion for social, geographical or political conditions. The main objectives of INCA Catalunya are:

  1. to promote social inclusion and to improve the life conditions of young people and communities through arts and cultural initiatives
  2. to encourage and to support meetings between young professionals, artists and organizations, and the exchange of experiences and best practices in the cultural and social field, with the main objective to promote intercultural learning.
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