About us

Heimat born in 2018 with the mission to create a better world that works for everyone. A world where everybody is driven by love, directed by care for themselves and the others and work in cooperation. 

We strive for a world that people live the life they want to live and become the change they want to see in the world. 

Stichting Heimat is a foundation working in the field of non-formal education. We work on the areas of personal and professional development, inclusion, community building, human rights, healthy lifestyle, communication, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and sustainability. The organization is a platform for young people, youth workers, educators, mentors and activists to learn, develop and grow. 

What do we do?

Stichting Heimat organizes activities mainly aiming at the personal development of youngsters. That means, that we organize, prepare and deliver activities regarding areas where youuth and professionals can learn and offer knowledge to each other.

Our projects are in the areas:

Personal & Professional development
Inclusion & Human Rights
Emotional Intelligence ​

We support people in their learning process, develop their skills and competences and create a carrier that suits their dreams and longings.

In Heimat, we believe that learning is a lifelong process, which enables people to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and improved life chances.

Learning in an international context enables intercultural awareness and develops skills and competences, which is especially important for people with fewer opportunities. We believe that such a world is possible through building up on the values of love, care and cooperation, respect of the diverse cultures and active participation of the people in their communities, nations and the common European identity.


  1. Promotion and facilitation of cross-sector networking for innovation, inclusion, cooperation, exchange of transferable skills, attitudes and competences.
  2. Connect learning from different sectors of methods.
  3. Connect organisations with other organisations and exchange innovations and best practices. 
  4. raising the quality of youth projects and the capacity of youth NGOs by sharing methods of training, coaching, coordination and management.
  5. Connect individuals with organisations related with their interests. 
  6. Improve the quality of trainership by supporting trainers’ development.
  7. Equip people with self-empowering concepts and methods to bring personal accountability. 
  8. Support people in their growth through non-formal education.


Body awareness
Personal development