Olga Karageorgiou is an inspiring youth worker and trainer on the topics of personal & social development, team management, inclusion, human rights, sustainability & expression. With love & care for growth and knowledge she has dedicated her live in learning and developing herself and creating the context for other to do the same, on diverse forms of social participation and activity.

Throughout the past 6 years Olga has used and developed professionally diverse interactive and non-formal education methods. Along those methods she is also using methods as NLP, forum theater, PBS and others. 
All those tools have as final goal to support her participants and people in the close environment to develop in the direction most fitting to their goals and needs.

Never forgetting the importance of giving in the society Olga is also volunteering in diverse local organization in the Netherlands, where she lives.

Embracing the fact that learning is a life-long-during process, she is keeping on developing on the areas of learning, psychology, social inclusion & expression.