Erasmus+ is a subsidy program of the European Union that supports education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The program aims at offering young Europeans the opportunity to study, train, and gain experience abroad. The program is offering support and funds to a variety of European institutions that are working with young people and their development, personal and professional.

Erasmus+ Youth consists of diverse sections, each of which is responsible for different topics. The section of youth is taking care that youngsters between 18 and 30 years old get the chance to travel abroad, where they can practice, exchange and learn about a variety of topics that would lead them to increase their quality of life, as well as to become more active citizens and to enhance their European identity.

Erasmus+ Mobility of Youth Workers Among the other activities of this section fall the Mobility of Youth Workers. This section supports the development and increase of the quality of youth work activities in Europe. Therefore it offers a range variety of Training Courses for Youth Workers and relevant professionals to develop their skills, as well as to acquire new ones.

National Agency Each European and partner country has a National Agency, who is taking care of the distribution and monitoring of the funds of the European Union regarding the Erasmus+ program. For  the Netherlands this is a role taken care of from the NJI. NJI The Nationale Jeugd Instituut is the  National Institute for Youth in the Netherlands. The institute is not only taking care of the funds of the European Union for youth, but also the national funds regarding education, youth participation and the improvement of the lives of children, young people and their educators.

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