Working Method

In order to achieve those goals and to reach our vision of the world, we create interactive projects with multiple participants, organization and individuals, where we can together work on ourselves and the development of a world of love, care & cooperation.

We organize and facilitate local, national and international workshops, trainings, youth exchanges and events. Through those activities we promote the ideas and values of Heimat, we shape communities and empower individuals.

To achieve this we work with national and European funding programs, as well as out of volunteering good will.

In our vision to create a better world… we cooperate with other organizations and individuals with similar vision and mission. Because together we stand stronger. Because more voices are easier to be heard. Because we are not alone on a lonely island.

For our work we are using diverse funding… 

Eramus + 


In our work we use various tools, methods and techniques

Sustainability: social, environmental, recycling

Art: expressive arts, creativity, art for activism, art therapies

Coaching: personal and professional guidance, constellations

Body awareness: dance, expressive movement, embodiment methods, meditation

Media: media training, documentation, short videos, photography,  storytelling, campaigns

Interactive theater: improvisation, theater of the oppressed, forum theater, playback theater, dragon dreaming, photovoice

Personal development:  Synergy method, reflection, interactive games, betsafta, experiential learning